Monday, April 18, 2011

Me a billionaire ! wow bestnya..

I'm sure everyone's dream is to be millionaire or as their second dream,so am I.What will you do if you have 90 million ringgit ?? What I will do is.....the first thing i want to do is nak spend 1 million for shopping hehehe....1 will spend RM100,000 nak shopping kat Pavillion , Sunway Pyramid , KLCC , 1U , STARHILL . So tinggal berapa ribu lagi ?? ada RM900,000 lagi . Banyak tuhh....nak bagi rm300,000 kat mama and abah each person for them to spend shopping .Soo, tinggal lagi RM300,000..still banyak. Bagi RM50,000 to both of my siblings each for them to spent for their dream things...still ada RM200,000. Duit yang tinggal tu I will simpan dengan duit lain for future use .

Now,what will you do if you are a millionaire kiranya duit u all ada berpuluh juta la ?? for me, i will give duit yang banyak to my mama and abah let say 10 million . Then i will take my parent and siblings pergi buat haji and lepas tu pegi round the world . I will donate duit yang banyak to charity tolong orang-orang yang susah . Build a new beautiful house and beli kereta yang best for my parent and get maids , drive for them so my parent tak payah dah kerja , I want my parent hidup senang hehehe..and make sure my sibling finish their study in a good collage or U . I will buy many types of dream cars such as bmw, ferari , fairlady , nissan 370z coupe , bugatti bordeaux , bugatti veyron , porsche cayenne . For me I want to finish my study di U and get my PHD and start my own business hehehe ni angan-angan saja la....

I will buy 150 wardrobes for my beautiful and fashionable clothes . I will sorten them into some catogaries like dresses , casual , classic , elegance , sweet and so much more. I will buy 157 pair of shoes and I will buy 5 pairs of shoes a day. I will give my parents RM300,000 a month , each !! I will buy an ice cream and chocolate factory and start selling them in my own shop all around Malaysia . I will open a seafood restaurant by the sea . I will visit my dream country , France and visit Paris bestnya....and i want to do umrah and haji as often as i can . Bestnya if my kalau semua angan-angan Aisyah ni jadi betul-betul heheh And we all will live happily ever after...the end :)...

Btw , sekarang ni pun hidup Aisyah dah happy sangat dengan Mama, Abah , adik-adik and my saudara-mara . My father and mother love me so much and selalunya Aisyah dapat apa saja yang Aisyah nak tapi dengan syarat barang yang Aisyah nak tu tak la mahal sangat . Kasih-sayang dari Mama dan abah serta adik-adik dah cukup untuk Aisyah and I love my Mama , abah dan adik-adik sooo muchhh . I have a loving and happy family , lucky me :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just a fun - fun day

Halluuuu.N3 kali ni tak ada cerita pun.kali ni aisyah just nak share gambar Aisyah dengan adik-adik masa bercuti di Port Dickson dan Melaka , best la :)